The current exhibit is from a larger work titled MindArt, created in 2002.


In 1998 I was working in a museum in Yonkers NY.  We were mounting an exhibit of contemporary kinetic sculpture.  One well-known artist ‘phoned-in’ his piece – a list of components and directions about how it should be installed – and the museum’s design director created it.  Several pieces were done this way, and credited to the artist in the same way that pieces that were painstakingly hand-crafted were.
This raised a question in my mind – was the work of art the object or the idea?  If a work of art is an idea, then the fact that I cannot paint, draw, sculpt, etc should not deter me (or anyone, for that matter) from creating works of Art.  I envisioned an exhibit of small plain frames; within each frame would be a description – an idea of a work of art.  The observer would create the work of art in his or her head, based on my specs.  I dreamed up a few of these, and called them MindArt.
So, welcome to the gallery.  Lucky for you, today is free admission day.

D.R. Morrison

Flagstaff, Maine

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